Saturday, June 27, 2015

Be Beautiful, Noble, Like the Antique Ant

"Be Beautiful, Noble, Like the Antique Ant"
by Jose Garcia Villa
Be beautiful, noble, like the antique ant,
Who bore the storms as he bore the sun,
Wearing neither gown nor helmet,
though he was archbishop and soldier:
Wore only his own flesh.

Salute characters with gracious dignity:
Though what these are is left to
Your own terms. Exact: the universe is
Not so small but these will be found
Somewhere. Exact: they will be found

Speak with great moderation: but think
With great fierceness, burning passion:
Though what the ant thought
No annals reveal, nor his descendants
Break the seal.

Trace the tracelessness of the ant,
Every ant has reached this perfection.
As he comes, so he goes,
Flowing as water flows,
Essential but secret like a rose.

Jose Garcia Villa, the greatest Filipino poet of the last century, fervently believed  in the first line of any poem to hook the reader.The characteristic of the opening line acting like a coiled cobra is evident in this wonderful and inspiring poem.

He uses an antique ant as an inspiring example to portray the perfect character that humans can observe and learn. He advocates us to be beautiful and noble like the antique ant that survives heat and storm with its bare body, exposing its fragile naked flesh, without any protection. Perhaps the little creatures of this universe may be the universal examples for humans to get inspired and lead a passionate life.Yes, we too can strive for this perfection; speak with moderation, without making noise about our ideologies and thoughts and without leaving a loud trail behind.
Ref: Doveglion by Jose Garcia Villa; Penguin Edition